John & Lindsey

Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's Get Started

Welcome to my first post, this Aloha Friday evening with the rain lightly falling down. Friday evenings here seem like a Friday evening...know what I mean? Today I connected up with a web site called What Women Write. They were asking readers to write their opening sentences of their work. I got a nauseous feeling in my gut, where I always do when I think about the work, pull out the work, actually write something, stare at the work. Something made me write my first two sentences and press send. I checked out the site a couple of hours later and actually had good feedback from one writer. I burst out in tears. Yikes! So this day, I'm committing to working on the piece, getting help, letting others read it, and trying to find a local writing group that meets on the weekend. I'll be chronicling the journey and if you want to come along, I'd love your company. Aloha


  1. I'm so happy that we (at What Women Write) have been able to offer you the encouragement to start writing again. My first novel was something I felt I had to write and I couldn't touch anything else until it was done. It took me about six years. In my case, the novel was more literary vomit than anything publishable, but writing it was good therapy AND it freed me to write about other things I care a lot about. You can learn about my current WIP at my website at The artist is my great-grandfather. Be sure to keep checking in with us and I'm sure a bunch of us will check in with you!

  2. I am moved by your first blog post and your courage to write. I'll look forward to following your progress!

  3. Lindsey, the what women write women (ha ... that sounds funny) are by turns flattered, awed, gratified, and humbled that our blog has given you this inspiration. We'll be cheering you on your writing journey. It won't be easy, but it will change and stretch you in ways you can't even imagine right now -- or at least that's been my experience! Go forth and write. :)