John & Lindsey

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Happy Saturday! Today I cracked open the manuscript. I took out the first ten pages, sat down at the computer and started re-typing it, making small changes here and there and looking at notes I had written some time ago. Why is that first step so hard to do? Sometimes I can be so detached from it, reading it, and other times the tears start piling up and I can't even go there.
I'm going to try and work on 6-10 pages a day, hoping it won't be so overwhelming if I do it in small chunks. So far so good. I stopped in the middle of the 6th page, and might do some work later on tonight after John goes to bed. Being a night owl has it's benefits and I always did like to write at night.
Thanks again for the support and the comments. I feel like my little world has expanded a little.
John and I are off in a half hour for our regular drive down to the beach to watch the sunset and the paddlers.


  1. First steps are difficult, Lindsey, and I would think it would be doubly so for you. I think it takes great courage to write about something so painful. I have two kids, and I can't imagine being able to get out of bed, much less write about it, if anything ever happened to one of them. I think it's wise to work in small chunks. Perhaps type it all in as is and then revise. Whatever keeps you moving forward. If you ever hit a day where you just 'can't' give yourself permission to take a day and do something that will make you happy. You'll feel refreshed and ready to face the manuscript again soon.

  2. Thanks again so much for the encouragement! When Sean got sick in 1993 at age 7, I started writing everything down that was going on. I always had a notebook with me. Much of what I'm doing now is going through it all again. The big chunk is Sean's last 2 months in hospice at home. That's the really hard part for me. Now that I've started back again, having such great support has made all of this so much easier. Many thanks! Lindsey